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June 22 2018

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May 03 2018

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April 28 2018

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April 25 2018

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April 23 2018

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April 19 2018

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April 18 2018

In Tibetan, the word for “body” is lü, which means “something you leave behind,” like baggage. Each time we say lü, it reminds us that we are only travellers, taking temporary refuge in this life and this body. In Tibet, people did not distract themselves by spending all their time trying to make their external circumstances more comfortable. They were satisfied if they had enough to eat, clothes on their backs, and a roof over their heads.
Going on, as we do, obsessively trying to improve our conditions, can become an end in itself, and a pointless distraction. Would people in their right mind think of fastidiously redecorating their hotel room every time they checked in to one?
— Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, chapter 2
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2008: wow I was so stupid last year
2009: wow I was so stupid last year
2010: wow I was so stupid last year
2011: wow I was so stupid last year
2012: wow I was so stupid last year
2013: wow I was so stupid last year
2014: wow I was so stupid last year
2015: wow I was so stupid last year
2016: wow I was so stupid last year
2017: wow I was so stupid last year
to be continued
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April 17 2018


April 16 2018

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